So I’ve started a label.  TTKK.

TTKK #001 features 6 Wascal beats that have had plays from Mary Anne Hobbs, Submerse, Darqwan, Grevious Angel etc…
You can buy it direct through Bandcamp:
then its rolling out to the major digital stores over the following weeks.
1. Stork.
“if this was a button for ultra like i would have clicked it a million times over” – Submerse
2. Irie
Brand new polyrhymic future garage jungle influenced sparse business.  Better than that description hopefully.
3. Racket

Brand new 92 rave influenced breakstep roller.

4. Know U
As played by Mary-Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1.  “this is literally one of the greatest garage records ever made” – Grevious Angel
5. Set Up
As played by Oris Jay / Darqwan and the few others who have it.  Wonked out techno influenced dubstep.  I hate these descriptions.

6. Clank
Mangled orchestral-breakstep-reggae.  Gold star for anyone who can actually mix this record into another.

If you (or anyone you know) are up for giving this some promo on your blog / radio show / magazine / twitter / facebook / forum / toilet wall of your local pub go for it.
Grab the logo from this post.  If you prefer blogging with a few freebies to give out, grab a tune from the wascal 07-09 archive linked somewhere on this blog.
Also if you can hook me up with your local blog / radio station / magazine contact it would be invaluable, feel free to link this page.
By the way,  ‘ttkk’ is short for ‘those that know, know’.
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