Macabre Unit – Bacteria (Wascal mix)

Last year I did a remix for Macabre Unit due for release on Filthy Digital that was scuppered by the untimely death of the label owner Mike Honcho (RIP). Now after a brief hiatus the label is up and running again, and in October sees the release of a grimey Macabre Unit EP featuring 3 new MU tunes and this mix.


Wascal – Gum (v1)

Wascal – Speechless

Since ‘The Lesson’ on the L2S Mindfood EP I’ve been stockpiling mutant 2 step garage beats for a possible L2S EP and these two caught Whistla’s discerning ear. As soon as Gum has had a final tweak the EP is ready to go. Speechless has had the Radio 1 treatment on Mary-Anne Hobbs show (well one play, anyway ;)) and has been going down well in clubs across the world if AIM messages are to be believed.


Lecs – No Names (Wascal mix)

Earlier in the year one of the Stink Like Sock guys from Cambridge hit me up to remix a bassline tune his mate Lecs had made. I got carried away as per, and out came this slice of glitch-pop(?) that Swindle’s been dropping on 1Xtra a fair amount. Due out on Pesky Plates and my first actual 12″ release in fucking ages if that works out to plan.

In Ableton at the moment:
About 10 tunes worryingly close to ’92 breakbeat hardcore

Remixes for Coleco, Sclist & DLX

A half finished garagey dubstep EP for Coleco’s Skybrid label

An almost finished EP for Tony ‘Moody Boyz’ Thorpe’s Studio Rockers label – He hasn’t heard any of it so may well not end up on there if he thinks its shit 😉

An EPs worth of 140bpm ‘wtf was that’ music that I’m contemplating starting a label to release if I can find a distributor who is fond of losing money hand over fist

A 2step bootleg of Recloose – Dust

And 40 other bits and bobs…

Finally a free beat:

Wascal & Tekton – Wonderful Feeling

This is a beat I was working on last year with Steve Tekton right before a catastrophic hard drive failure wiped out an albums worth of finished tunes including this. Garage vibes with a vocal that probably would have got us sued anyway, had we tried to release it.

Download here:

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