Wascal Dubs 1-5 +

5 unreleased tunes from 2007-09.

As played on Sub FM, Dubstep FM, BBC Radio 1, Rinse and many more.

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Wascal – Badder Than You
Wascal – Daily Grind
Wascal – Daily Grind VIP
Wascal – Decide
Wascal – Decide 08
Wascal – Keep It Locked
Wascal – Outsider
Wascal – Perhaps
Wascal – Protocol
Wascal – Sticks
Wascal – Think Again
Wascal – Octagon (unreleased dub)
Wascal – Relief (unreleased dub)
Wascal – Reprieve (unreleased dub)
Wascal & Bomberman – Mean Streak (unreleased dub)
Wascal – Everybody Wants To Roll The Wobs (unreleased dub)



Look out for the next Wascal releases in the pipeline:

Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume (Wascal mix) [Tigerbeat6]

Wascal – Set Up [TBC]

Wascal – Speechless [L2S]

Lecs – No Names (Wascal mix) [TBC]

June Miller – Brussel North (Wascal mix) [54Music]

Wascal – Overstep [Halo Beats]


+ Attention Defecit EP in digital stores now.

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